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Welcome to Stuart Herd Artwork

Based in The Art Studio - Tarbert, Argyll 
The Harbour Gallery is now live.....visit and shop on the online Gallery - -
** Please note this site is being upgraded between Oct-Nov 2016 **

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18th Oct.
New Paintings for my solo exhibition have been delivered to The Torrance Gallery, Edinburgh. A total of 68 New Works are now available to view on this site (click on ’Original Works’.)and the Torrance site - over the next 24 hours.
I hope you are able to come and view my work at the opening of the exhibition - from 11am, Saturday 22nd Otober !

Summer Season 2016.
Very busy painting for the 3 Harbour Galleries, also new work has been on sale in West End Galleries, Mallaig Gallery, Dornoch, Morpeth, North Berwick and others. !!

!4th June.
Back and forth to Ullapool, restocking with new paintings and prints, new work also on its way this week to Torrance Gallery (Edinburgh), Greens & Blues (North Berwick),The Harbour Gallery - Tighnabruaich, West End Galleries, and a couple of new ones I will list soon.
New work constantly being finished for The Harbour Gallery, both Tarbert & Ullapool.......will try to keep updating the site !!!

22nd Feb.
Busy start to the year.....
Looking forward to Spring, new works underway for different galleries. My solo exhibition at The Torrance Gallery will be in Oct/Nov this year,a change from May/June.

Over the last 2 months I have been working on commissions and new work for the galleries, aswell as beavering away in the studio mounting and framing artwork and memorabilia for sale. The Harbour Gallery Ullapool is going to be expanded over the winter, I plan to open up the downstairs which is almost the same size as the main floor, it will showcase some of the larger framed prints and maps/charts. More updates later in the year.

14th Aug.
Finally got some time to update......the last 2 months have been manic, Ullapool has taken off and I am up and down the road as often as possible, dropping off new paintings and new stock. The Gallery is in great hands and I am lucky to have employees that have all handled the opening and running of a new gallery so well.

The Torrance Gallery Exhibition in June was a success with many sales, Brian (the owner) was delighted with the new ’Highland Coo’ series and invited me to exhibit more in the Festival Exhibition which is currently running.

Just busy, busy, busy painting and framing new work for all my galleries aswell as commissions.
More work will be added to ’Original Works’ tonight and over the next few days.

19th June.
I am now working on updating the galleries that sell my work with new paintings. Also keeping The Harbour Galleries stocked up !!

6th May.
The Harbour Gallery - Ullapool was opened on the 3rd April, it is a great space and has taken off, with visitors worldwide buying and viewing.
It has taken a lot of work to get the Gallery fitted out, stocked with new originals, prints, ceramics and jewellery. But the effort has been worth it, if you are in the area, please make a visit.

The Harbour Gallery - Tarbert, will be back on Summer hours by late May, but is already for the season with new work and stock.

The Harbour Gallery at The Royal - Tighnabruaich, is attracting great feedback from the hotel owners who say the Artwork is being bought by Guests aswell as visitors.

Aswell as this, I’m starting new work on a ’Tarbert Series’ which should culminate in an exhibition in The Harbour Gallery later in the year.

Looking for ’likes’& ’shares’ on Facebook. Search for THE HARBOUR GALLERY or STUART HERD......Thanks

I have kept the below in this page due to obvious comments & questions asked......

28th Jan 2012.
Since the eye was removed in Nov last year, life has got better, certainly less pain and irritation. I will be going back in a few weeks to finish the fittings for the ’proper’ fake eye.
(June 2013. ’New’ fake eye fitted and adjusted....looks good! Headaches though !)
(May 2014. ’Dodgy Eye’ now part of life....- I either feel like I have been punched in the side of my head , or someones doing ’dental work’ in my eye. I’m told the nerve endings should ’calm’........over time.......this is a 24hr toothache in my eye socket ! Life goes on !!

Corfu -
Now showing paintings in The Corfu Gallery, Corfu Town. As a family, we rented a villa and I produced paintings for the gallery to sell and I will add work this year. We hope to have a small exhibition there in Oct 2014

Selling work in Jules8 Gallery, Puerto Pollensa. New work on display mid summer 2014

The Harbour Gallery has been open for almost 3 years now and has totally exceeded my expectations.Sales are up on projections across the board, with sales of my original work and the Steamer/Ferry timetables that are mounted up, proving popular.....A good mention in ’The Scottish Field’ as one of the top ten places to visit in Argyll !!
Keep visiting and tell your friends !!!

Pleased to announce the opening of my own Gallery......’The Harbour Gallery’ in Tarbert, Argyll. Opened its doors on Thurs 15th March and celebrated with an opening weekend on Sat 17th & 18th March, guests were invited to join us for a glass of wine to view new works by myself and a large selection of artists from Argyll and around the UK.
The gallery prides itself on the quality of New Original work and will refresh constantly with a chance of a first time viewing of newly completed works.
There are a varied selection of Framed and Mounted prints showcasing Scottish artists past and present, aswell as a unique portfolio of Vintage and Retro prints focusing on Travel and Advertising from around Scotland, with local interest from - Original Steamer Timetables to Original Cloth Maps and Antique Postcards of the area all professionally mounted and with the option at source - to frame.
We also showcase Jewellery, Ceramics, Glass and Sculpture from established and emerging artists.
This is a very exciting venture for myself and my family, I have been waiting for the right location in Tarbert and now its happened.
The Harbour Gallery website - is now LIVE (March 2013 !!)
My Studio ’The Art Studio’ will remain as it is, the gallery is a totally new project in the centre of Tarbert - located on the corner of Harbour St / Campbeltown Rd, opposite the PO & CO-OP and next door to the Bank of Scotland, Fletchers deli and the ’top paper shop’......basically, where ’Woods Estate Agents’ was.....’The Harbour Gallery’ now is !!
See you for a viewing......

Over the next few months I will be working on paintings for Galleries around Scotland, England, Spain, Greece and Germany and my Solo exhibition at The Torrance Gallery, Edinburgh in June 2015. Galleries at this time of year are seeking new work all the time, yet a couple of galleries have already approached me for exhibition dates for 2016...I will keep you updated !

Torrance Gallery 2016 Exhibition
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